Monday, December 31, 2012

Sparkles and Snowflakes by Fingerpaints for New Year's Eve

This is the second polish combo I tried out as a contender for New Year's Ever. It also marks my first post containing zero indie polishes. I'm a little nervous about it, so please be nice!

I purchased Sparkles & Snowflakes by Fingerpaints at Sally Beauty. I was carrying around INM Northern Lights, a polish I've been crushing on for a while, when Sparkles & Snowflakes caught my eye. The concept seemed the same, but the glitter actually stayed suspended! Plus it was cheaper. So I went with the Fingerpaints instead. Obviously, I didn't get Northern Lights as well, so I can't truly compare them, but they are not even close based on the photos I've seen on other blogs! Northern Lights seems to add just a touch of twinkle, but Sparkles & Snowflakes becomes opaque if you want it to. 

Shown here is one coat of Sparkles & Snowflakes over Sally Hansen Smooth and Perfect Air. Topped with Out the Door. Photos taken under my Ott Lite. 

You'll want to click this photo to enlarge it, I promise. This is such a snowy, pretty, perfectly wintery combo. 

Blurry for maximum holo exposition. 

Here, I bumped up to three coats of Sparkles & Snowflakes. The blue base of Air is barely visible. I don't own China Glaze's Glistening Snow either, but this seems fairly similar in concept based on what I've seen.  Far closer to CG than INM, anyway.

You can barely see the blue under all that glitter! Sparkles & Snowflakes was a bit thick and gloppy out of the bottle, but it applied fine. One coat added sparkle and pizzazz, three coats was completely opaque. If you're looking for a holo-y silver glitterbomb, this is it! 

I purchased Sparkles & Snowflakes at Sally Beauty Supply. It was on sale for $3.99, I believe regular Fingerpaints price is about $5.50. The Sally website says that this is a part of the Fingerpaints Holiday Inspired Collection, but I found mine on the regular Fingerpaints rack, along with all the other permanent colors. 

Have any of you compared this to either China Glaze's Glistening Snow or INM Northern Lights? What are your thoughts? 

P.S.- A thought on my blog sig: The "Support your indies" sign off doesn't seem quite as appropriate when I'm posting about Big Brand polishes, but it is still a concept that I am strongly behind. Also, I don't feel like making a new one at the moment :) I plan on continuing to use this one for the forseeable future, even if I'm not posting about indie polishes. 

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