Sunday, December 30, 2012

Gimme Some Bubbly by 365 Days of Color

I've been auditioning polishes for the past few days, looking for the perfect New Year's Eve nails. I'll show you the contenders over the next few days, leading up to the ultimate: the polish I actually chose to wear!

We'll start off with Gimme Some Bubbly by 365 Days of Color. The name is just absolutely perfect! Shown on nail wheel, L-R: two coats of Gimme Some Bubbly alone, and two coats over Sinful Colors This Is It, Wet N Wild Wild Shine Tickled Pink and Sinful Colors Pink Forever. 

Sunny from 365 Days of Color says: "For this polish I wanted to have a polish that represented the nice, crisp drink everyone has around the holidays: champagne. This shimmery gold polish can be worn alone or layered over other colors to give you an awesome mani! GSB is packed with different gold glitters to give it the look of bubble in champagne. THIS POLISH SMELLS LIKE VICTORIA'S SECRET CHAMPAGNE AND STRAWBERRIES BODY SPRAY!!!"

I wanted to bring in the strawberry-ness of the polish's scent, so I chose to layer two coats over Wet N Wild Tickled Pink. Mani is topped with Out the Door, photos are taken indoors under a daylight lamp, and some with flash. 

This photo is obviously wildly inaccurate, color wise, but you can really see the gold shimmer from the polish in the light reflection. The shimmer is quite strong, and this is the best shot of it.

I had zero application issues with this polish, just like every other 365 Days of Color polish that I've tried. Sunny does say that it can be worn alone, but I think it would take far too many coats to achieve opacity, and it is best layered. I love the delicacy Gimme Some Bubbly over every color I tried it with! It's not boring by any means, but it's not "in-your-face" either. 

Gimme Some Bubbly is from the 365 Days of Color Holiday trio, and it is the color that I was the most excited about, by far! Gold isn't really my favorite polish color, but Strawberries & Champagne is my absolute favorite scent ever, so I was thrilled that this was S&C scented! It does smell like Strawberries & Champagne, but it was also a bit perfume-y. I know that S&C is meant to be a perfume-y scent, but this was different, somehow. I can't quite explain it. Not bad, but not quite the same. The smell is delicate enough that it didn't overwhelm me, as some scents have a tendency to do, and lasted the whole time I wore it (about two days, and through a shower.) This is my favorite of the trio in terms of scent, even though it's a color I won't break out very often. 

365 Days of Color polishes are available here. Sunny is currently running a sale, but I'm not sure how long it will last, so snap up the colors you want now! There are also amazing cuticle balms and oils, plus new hand creme available. Check out the 365 Days of Color blog and Facebook as well. 

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