Friday, December 14, 2012

Happy Hobbit Day! + A Mani

If you read my Leibster award post, or just retain a lot of random information that I post, you'll know that I am a huge nerd at heart, and the number one nerd franchise for me is the Lord of the Rings. I use that name to embody the whole of Tolkien's Middle Earth writings, most DEFINITELY including the Hobbit. So, of course, I was out at midnight last night for the premier! Actually, we were in the theatre waiting at 10pm. About 20 to 12, the other 5 people who were at our midnight showing showed up! There were only 8 people! I live in a smallish town, so it's understandable, though I was slightly disappointed to know that there are so few die hard Hobbit fans here! But it was nice to have the theatre practically to ourselves :)

Of course, this being a nail blog, there is a manicure buried in here somewhere, and here it is:

The One Ring, on my nails. I've seen a few of these today, so obviously I wasn't as original as I thought, but I still love them :)

I started with two coats of Sinful Colors This Is It, topped it with two coats of Literary Lacquers' Jealous Oberon, and then drew on the Elvish script with a Sharpie. Sharpies are seriously my new best friend for black detail work. I'm thinking about picking up one of those 24 packs of various colors and seeing how that goes! 

Has anyone else seen The Hobbit yet? Thoughts? I cannot stress enough how much I feel Martin Freeman was THE best possible choice for Bilbo! I hadn't even heard of him way back when he was confirmed in the role, but I've since watched BBC's Sherlock, and thought he would do well. Then he just blew me out of the water! It's like this was the role he was born for. I enjoyed most of the added bits (that is, bits that weren't in the book), with the exception of Radagast, who I thought was a bit campy. Though the hedgies were just too darn cute! 

I loved that the movie referenced the Lord of the Rings trilogy, though I thought that some of the visuals being basically identical was too much. 

Overall, it lived up to my expectations, which is saying rather a lot! I've been counting down to this film for about two years, and I wasn't disappointed. 

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