Monday, February 4, 2013

Candy Craze by BNVS Nail Color: Swatch & Review

How many of you lovelies out there are fans of yellow polish? I never have been, for two very big reasons: yellow polishes look horrible on me, and most yellow polishes are a bear to work with. Despite all that, I've been on a yellow polish binge lately, and I'm falling in love! Maybe it's the winter-hater in me coming out, longing for spring and sunshine, but yellow is becoming my go to color lately!

This puppy here is the yellow that started it all: Candy Crazy by BNVS Nail Color. 

This is three coats of Candy Craze, topped with Out the Door. First two photos taken under Ott Lite. Candy Crazy is a bright, cheery sunshine yellow creme with just a hint of jelly-ness. 

Artistic Hand pose? I think I shall :)

These next two photos are taken outdoors, in natural sunlight. This polish was originally released as part of the Fall 2012 color line, but I don't care. It's such a bright and cheery color that it will be perfect through spring and summer, and right back into fall 2013. 

As with Bootiful (the other creme BNVS color I showed off), Candy Craze went on bright and easy in three quick coats. Two may be sufficient for more careful polishers, but I still had some patchiness issues, so on went the third. I have the same bottle complaint- the round label doesn't quite fit the square bottle, so I feel compelled to pick at it- but when the worst thing you can say about a polish is that you want to peel off the label, I'd call that a win! 

I've been super impressed with all of the BNVS Nail Colors that I've tried- I have a total of five, so be on the lookout for the shimmers in the next week or so! BNVS can be purchased on Etsy, for a whopping $3.50 per full size bottle! Selection is small at the moment, but I fully expect Lana and BNVS to take off.

*This polish was provided to me for an honest review. 

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