Monday, February 18, 2013

Jubilee by Bubbles N Balms

I don't know about you, but I've been ready for Spring pretty much since Christmas was over. I'm not a fan of cold or snow or anything winter related. So I've been crushing hardcore on all the spring-y colors that are popping up, and today's polish is a perfect example!

Meet Jubilee, by Bubbles N Balms. Creator Renee has much the same feeling about spring as I do, and describe Jubilee as "more crelly than jelly, loaded with small hexes and squares in just about every color of the rainbow." This is three coats alone, topped with Seche Vite. Photos taken under Ott Lite. 

This photo is rather overexposed, but it really shows off the speckled-egg effect of the matte glitters. If there were a bird that laid purple eggs, those eggs would look exactly like this polish :)

Jubilee does have excellent coverage, and three coats gave it that wonderful jelly squishyness and glitter depth, while leaving absolutely no visible nail line. You could layer this polish over a similar color to conserve, but I think you would be taking away from the lovely jelly depth of it. There were no application issues with this polish. It went on smoothly, the glitter applied evenly, and it dried quickly and smoothly. This one will definitely be coming back out to play closer to Easter.

Bubbles N Balms polishes, along with soaps, bath bombs and other beauty goodies, can be purchased on Etsy, and can be liked on Facebook

*This polish was provided to me for an honest review. 

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