Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Dragon Scales by Bubbles N Balms

Today brings us to the last of my Bubbles N Balms polishes, and I've saved the best for last! Quick recap: you can see the other two polishes, Cupid's Kisses and Jubilee, by clicking those links. 

Meet Dragonscales, a polish with "loads of gold, red, orange and yellow glitter with iridescence, all in a sparkly light Tangerine jelly base." This polish can be worn alone in three coats, but I chose to layer it. Twice, actually. First two photos show one coat over Sinful Colors Cloud 9, topped with Seche Vite. All photos are taken under Ott Lite. 

I chose to layer Dragon Scales over an orange, as it has an orange tinted base. Seems logical, no? I was slightly underwhelmed. I think I would have liked the orange base better if I had built the color up on its own. 

But then I decided to punch up the dragon-y-ness of it, and layered it over a murky green, Sinful Colors In the Mist. Just . . . wow! This is one coat over In the Mist, topped with Seche Vite. 

This combo really screams Dragon to me. The orangey-gold shimmer really popped off of the murky green, adn the iridescence of the glitters became much more apparent on a darker background. The glitter in Dragon Scales is a bit sparse, as it is meant to be built up in layers, but I love the scattered impact of it in just one coat. It allowed the orangey shimmer to shine all the more. I has no issues with application, and I'm quite excited to try this polish over other seemingly odd colors.

Bubbles N Balms polishes, plus body butters, soaps and bath bombs, can be purchased on Etsy. Be sure to pay them a like on Facebook as well!

*This polish was provided to me for an honest review. 

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