Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Witches Brew by BNVS Nail Polish

Hello, dahlings! I have one last polish to show you today from BNVS Nail Polish, and that is Witches Brew.

Witches Brew is a murky-ish green shimmer. This is two coats, topped with Out the Door.

This polish is- by FAR- my favorite polish from the BNVS Fall 2012 color collection! It's no secret that I love green, but wow. This color reminds me very much of one of the first nail polishes that I owned, waay back in middle school (circa 1997ish). I'm pretty sure it was called Toad, but I have no idea what brand it was :( It was something urban and edgy, and I remember it being advertised in Seventeen Magazine a lot though. 

Despite being named for witches, and being part of a fall color line, I will be rocking this color all summer long. Know why? Because Witches Brew is the EXACT color of a fresh, juicy grass stain on white pants or shoes :) Not a happy thing as an adult, but as a kid? Grass stains just happened, and it meant you were playing right. 

Last photo is taken in full sunlight. While this is by far my favorite of the bunch, I loved all 5 polishes, and can see me wearing all of them repeatedly. The cremes (Bootiful, Candy Craze) went on smooth, opaque in three coats, and dried super shiny. The shimmers (Bobbing for Apples, Alien Invasion, Witches Brew) went on just as smoothly, needing only two coats. I mentioned in several other posts that the smell of these polishes is different. It's no stronger or worse smelling than any other polish, but it is different. I also mentioned the labels on my bottles, which didn't quite square up on the edges, and creator Lana has taken that under advisement. 

BNVS Nail Polish can be purchased on Etsy and liked on Facebook

*This polish was provided to me for an honest review. 

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