Sunday, July 1, 2012

Amy's Nail Boutique Fiesta

My absolute favorite nail art (and one of the few concepts I'm capable of!) is polka dots, and I'm rarely even up for that. So I was way excited when I got my bottle of Amy's Nail Boutique Fiesta polish. Shipping was superfast, and Amy provides a tracking number with every order- so you know exactly when to expect it!

From the Etsy listing: "Red, orange, yellow, purple, green and blue matter glitters make up this pretty!"  It is a rainbow of medium-ish matte hex glitter that gives the adorable look of a scattered polka dot mani without the hassle of tools and paint palettes and multiple bottles.

The first mani I did with this polish was a skittles mani with (from thumb) Wet N Wild Sunny Side Up, NYC Lexington Yellow, NYC High Line Green, Sally Hansen Blue Me Away, and Sally Hansen No Hard Feelings. All of my base colors were on the lighter side, to ensure that the glitters didn't blend in on any of them.

The glitter in this polish was not as heavy as I'd have liked it to be. It took 4 coats to get this look. And the first time I tried, I didn't wait for the first coat to dry long enough, so all of the glitter dragged down toward my tips. I started over, and was more patient, and was rewarded with the lovely speckled Skittles seen above :)

This is the second mani I did. I dabbed on the polish over creme black and white. The dabbing worked out much better than brushing it on. I got the same coverage with two passes, and was able to place the glitter exactly where I wanted it for for even coverage. Topped with Out the Door in this photo.

After the first day, I threw on a matte topcoat.

I really love this glitter- It reminds me of a circus! And it makes for a cute dot mani when I don't feel like digging out tools and whatnot. This polish does require a little bit of special application (dab, don't stroke; and make sure each layer gets a good chance to dry before going on to the next), but it's worth it- definitely going to be used again- and again!

Amy's Nail Boutique can be found on Etsy.

*This polish was provided to me for an honest review.

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