Thursday, July 12, 2012

Legend of the Phoenix

The Phoenix is a mythical birds that, upon reaching the end of it's life, will burst into flames, only to be reborn from it's own ashes. Feenix Polish has fittingly created a line of polishes based on this legend: Flames, Embers, Ashes and Feenix Rising. I'm starting off with Embers (for no particular reason), with Ashes to come next week. I haven't gotten around to ordering the other two yet, but you can bet I'm going to!

Meet Embers, in full sunlight. Described in the Etsy listing "Embers remaining as the fire dies down will glow with gold, copper and red. The tiny glitter in this polish will definitely bring glowing embers to mind. It has a sheer brown base. Sparks fly from your fingertips when you wear Embers!"

And again in shade. It really is a gorgeous color for fall: all burnt orange and bronze and coppery. I can see wearing this throughout November. 

I tend to start swatching polishes the second they come out of the package. I'm impatient like that :) I was incredibly surprised at how opaque this is! Nail wheel L-R shows three coats alone, one coat over Wet N Wild Red Red, and one coat over Sinful Colors Cloud 9. The base colors give it a bit of a different tint, but they really are unnecessary. 

Check out the awesome Feenix labels! How perfect. 

After my swatching experiment, I decided I really didn't need undies, or even three coats. So this mani is two coats over bare nail, topped off with a coat of Out the Door. It dried incredibly smooth, and didn't need a thick topper at all, which is always a plus. The downside is that this polish was super thick. And I'm pretty rough on my hands, so it chipped pretty badly as well. This issue HAS been addressed by Feenix Polish, and she is thinning out most of her more heavily glittered polishes. I'll pick up some thinner myself next time I head to Sally, and it should be ready to go for fall.

As a side note, I did not have the thickness problems with Ashes that I did with this one. 

.Feenix Polish can be found on Etsy for $8 per full size bottle, as well as on Facebook and Blogspot

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