Monday, July 9, 2012

Reading Tea Leaves

I have another Lyn B Designs color today: Chocolate and Chai! Jenna from Lyn B describes the colors as:
I created this collection in honor of one of my favorite drinks, tea . . . In my opinion chocolate goes smashingly well with chai tea. It adds a sweetness to the spice, and makes it even more yummy. This polish is a light sandy color with small brown glitter added like bits of chocolate in a hot cup of tea." I'd call it a sort of dark shimmery nude, and I couldn't decide if the glitter was black or brown.

I have to say: I love when polish makers describe the thought process behind their color names. Many polishes are named for TV shows, or movies, or other large fanbases and I don't always get the reference. Tea is a bit easier, but I still love seeing how a certain item inspired someone to create a lovely polish :)

You were wondering when I'd get to pictures, right? Here is two coats, topped with one coat of Out the Door, in full sun. You can still see a bit of VNL here, but I find I prefer that with nude shades, as it prevents the dreaded "mannequin hands" syndrome. And can I say, I love this color on my skin? It's just dark enough and shimmery enough (not to mention the glitter) to make my nails look obviously painted, but not outrageous. This would be a lovely neutral look for the office, or any other occasion where hot pink would be rather inappropriate. 

Indoors, under "daylight" lamp. This polish reminds me of loose tea leaf dregs in the bottom of the cup- but in a totally good way! Like- makes me want a cup of hot tea, even though it's 90+ degrees outside kind of way.

Again, indoors- you can see the super shimmer in the base color. 

Bottle shot. These bottles are adorable! And completely unique within the indie community. 

I had absolutely zero issues with application on this polish. It was slightly sheer, but I like that in a nude. It went on completely smooth, and created a lovely "depth" with the layers of glitter. 

I haven't seen too many reviews of Lyn B Designs out there, so I held off on ordering for quite a while. But I'm so glad I did order! I purchased this color, Four Things and a Lizard, and Angels Have the Phonebox, which I haven't tried yet. And there are several other colors that have been added to my wishlist since. Polishes are $10 each, and there is currently a "moving sale", where you buy two polishes, get one free! There are also many other items available in the shop, including lip balms and scents.

Lyn B Designs can be found on Etsy and Facebook- check it out!

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