Saturday, July 28, 2012

Irate Woodland Mammal!

Today, we experience together the last of my Darling Diva Polishes, and, IMHO, the one with the best name: Angry Beaver! There's no great inspiration behind the name, but there is a fairly amusing story. This polish was created, nameless, and was hence doomed to wander the earth as purpleish-jelly-with-glitter-but-no-name, for all eternity. Then, as chance would have it, a wild commercial appeared, featuring a rather irate woodland mammal with a panchant for wood-gnawing, and a polish name was born! Meet Angry Beaver:

The Etsy listing for this beauty describes it as "multicolored holo and crystal glitters in a bright purple base. It is full of purple, blue, red, pink, holographic and green glitters and just ......... sparkles!" I personally noticed red, gold and green larger hexes, medium aqua hexes, and small gold and purple hexes, plus a lovely shimmer.

I go through TONS of nail wheels when it comes to swatching glitters- I need to makes sure I get the absolute best possible undies! L-R: three coats of Angry Beaver alone, and one coat over Darling Diva Purple Dreams, Sally Hansen No Hard Feelings, creme black and creme white

I've seen swatches of this out on the interwebs where the base is just insanely purple. As you can see from the three-coats swatch, my base really isn't all that purple. But that does give waay more layering options, as purple jelly over green undies doesn't typically yield the best results. There was an amazing purple pearly sheen to the base that only really showed up over dark colors, so I went with black undies for my full mani.

I love how the multi colored glitter really pops over the black as well. But then, I tend to use black as a base for lots of glitters- it's my standby, as it just works with pretty much everything! I go through lots of black polish . . . This is two coats of Angry Beaver over creme black, with Seche Vite to top it all off. 

Forgive the lack of cleanup- no idea what happened there. Must have been late at night. Anyway- check out the lovely purple sheen! Gave this a whole new dimension beyond chunky glitter topper! 

Angry Beaver applied very smoothly, with no glitter fishing at all. I didn't even have to dab it on, which is a bit odd for larger glitters, but I'm all about ease of application! The glitters lay flat all by themselves, and a normal coat of SV kept the whole thing under wraps for the duration of wear. This is not a super glitter bomb, which I like- some indie glitters are so packed that it's hard to achieve the scattered glitter look. But with this one, you can build to get the coverage you want.

I seriously LOVE all of my Darling Diva Polish. And I seriously WANT about 98% of the colors that she offers! And beyond the creativity to come up with all these fantastic colors, this woman is just the sweetest! I convo'd her about some of the polishes, and it turned into an ongoing convo about polish hauls! I love when sellers take time to actually talk to customers about unrealated bits- cause we're all people :) Check out my reviews of Space Beetle/Diabla and Purple Dreams, then go like DDP on Facebook! Then go buy all the colors on Etsy

Which Darling Divas are your faves? I think once my No Buy is over, I'm going to have to pick up Reef Fish, Chandelle, Pendragon and Bazinga!

*This product was provided to me for an honest review.

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