Monday, July 30, 2012

"What use is Wizardy if it cannot save a Unicorn?"

The movie version of The Last Unicorn was my absolute favorite film as a child. When it was finally released on DVD several years ago, I think I literally squealed aloud in the store. Of course I bought it, and watched it immediately! Wow. It really is NOT a children's movie. Creepy as hell! Still excellent of course. And no, I have not changed my reviews from polish to film, but that movie is always the first thing I think of when unicorns are mentioned. And today, I have Unicorn, by Starlight Polish. See, it all ties together!

Issa from Starlight and Sparkles says it is a  "colorshifting duochrome topcoat, meant for layering over other polishes." Also: "Unicorn shifts from cool green to blue, and flashes turquoise to vivid indigo at the extremes of it's color range."  This is one coat of Unicorn, alone, on a nail wheel. Obviously, it's a layering polish :) But I wanted to show off the actual "sparkles" of the polish, which tend to get a bit lost over a dark color.

Because I'm boring (and I don't own any navy cremes) I layered this over a basic black. One coat black, one coat Unicorn, one coat Out the Door. Gotta love a mani with only 3 layers! All photos taken outdoors, on a bright and sunny day.

Direct sun. Royal blue was by far the most predominant color in the sunlight.

Mostly shade. Some of the emerald is peeking out at the top of my ring finger!

Mostly green, again in shade.

Here we see a bit more color shift between the blue and green. The green showed off the most indoors (especially under the fluorescent lights at work), with the royal/indigo showing more outdoors. There was a gorgeous teal flash as well, but my camera didn't seem to see it :(

This polish is, in a word, spectacular! I caught myself surreptitiously peeking at my hands every now and then to see the play of light on the colors. A coworker even marched over from 20 feet away to admire this color, because she saw the color shift from that far away! I get compliments on my nails from time to time, and I make sure to file them away to share! 

This went on super easily- I had more trouble with the black. One thin coat of Unicorn was enough to bring out all the colors this polish had to offer. I even wore it for three days with only minimal (for me!) chipping on my right hand. I'm pretty rough on my hands at work, so any polish that I can get more than a days wear out of gets an A+ in my book. 

Starlight and Sparkles can be purchased on Etsy. A full size bottle of Unicorn can be had for $8, or a mini for $3.50. There is also a mini set featuring Unicorn along with Dragon and Phoenix (both of which I have, and will review shortly) for $9.50. 

*These polishes were provided to me for an honest review.

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