Sunday, July 29, 2012

Don't. Even. BLINK. Another Doctor Who Polish

I love polishes that reference geeky things that I get right away. OPI does this to some extent, tying some of their collections to movies and such, but like so many other things, Indies do it better! In my review of Lyn B Designs' Four Things and a Lizard, I say that I would have purchased that polish, sight unseen, based on the name alone. This one is no different: Lyn B Designs' Angels Have the Phone Box. It's Doctor Who themed, and it mentions the Weeping Angels and the Tardis. So it's some combination of blue/grey: of course I want it! I want ALL the grey polishes!

Still love these bottles :)

Hey, I was right! Grey and blue! Lyn calls this color "a medium steely gray with medium white square glitter, small black hexagons and small blue square glitter." The grey is very shimmer, almost a pewter sort of color. <3  

Here is two coats, topped with Out the Door. Indoor lighting, no flash.

This polish went on very well, and was opaque in two coats. My only complaint is that the actual color is a bit heavy. The only glitters I could really see on the nail were the blue squares. The overall idea is still conveyed, and it is a lovely polish. Maybe some thinner would help out?

Lyn B Designs can be purchased on Etsy, and has tons of amazing collections, from Doctor Who, a Carnival theme (pretty sure I'll be grabbing a few of those!), a tea theme, as well as perfumes and lip balms! Like Lyn B on Facebook, and check out my reviews of Chocolate and Chai and Four Things and a Lizard.



  1. oh my goodness!!!!! dr who themed polish. I AM IN LOVE!!! :)

  2. Jenna actually has two full Doctor Who Collections, and they're spectacular!