Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Matte Jelly Sandwich

I've got another F4 today, and one that I have seen reviewed all over the place: Chunky Cow. F4 is owned by three sister, and they describe Chunky Cow as "fine black glitter based polish with silver holographic glitters and small white matte hex glitters." I love the silver holo, as it makes it unique among it's million black and white sister polishes. F4 also has a similar black and white, with smaller white squares rather than the hexes, called Holy Cow.

I don't have photos of this one by itself, but trust me, they're out there! I layered one coat of Chunky Cow over two coats of NYC Carrie'd Away. 

I then topped the whole thing off with two more coats of Carrie'd Away, making a sheer, not-quite-jelly sandwich. I really loved this look. 

Topped with a coat of Seche Vite. This combo reminds me of that dessert where you mix vanilla pudding with crushed up Oreos. 

Itty bitty bottle shot!

Chunky Cow applied very well- no glitter manipulation required. The black came out much heavier on my right hand, as my left hand is a bit . . . special. (You can see it a bit on the pinky of my left hand, too.) 

F4 Polish can be found on Etsy and Facebook. Full size bottles are $8. Check out my reviews of Flubber and Pink Penquin as well :)

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