Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Peachy Cherries

It's High Summertime, shouldn't I be rocking neons on a daily basis? For some reason this summer I've been strongly leaning toward neutral-y colors: greys, tans and nudes. Of course, I'm always down for glitter :)

Today I have a lovely almost-neutral for you, Sugared Cherries by Lacey Lou's Stockpile.

(Ignore my nails- I promise I'll review that one later, and I promise you actually see the subject of this post on them shortly! I accidentally deleted my bottle shots from the day I was wearing it.)

I love handwritten labels on indie polish. Makes it feel, well, handmade :)

Lacey doesn't describe this color in her Etsy listing, but says that it's cherry season in her area, so she took lots of inspiration from them! I'd call this a lightish coral-y peach/pink packed with gold shimmer, smallish silver hexes, and some hexes that I couldn't quite decide what color to call them. Gold, maybe? Pinkish? The pinkish base color is a jelly, so it may be throwing my color receptors off. I'm also not sure if there is supposed to be red glitter in this or not: I can't see any in my bottle, but I did end up with two or three on my nails. Total, out of all ten. Hmm.

The hexes all look obviously silver here. 

Full sunlight. You can see a lone red glitter on my index finger. Three coats over bare nail, topped with SV.

Full sun again. See the gorgeous gold shimmer?

Shade. Don't let me semi-complaining about glitter colors throw you off- I adore this color, and I'm sure it will get pretty heavy play through the rest of the summer (if I ever make it through my untried pile!) and it'll be one of the first I pull out next spring when I need light, happy colors! It applied well, not thick at all, and the glitters were very forthcoming. It did dry slightly matte, and slightly gritty, but a thick coat-and-a-half of Seche Vite made it nice and glassy smooth.

All Lacey Lou's Stockpile polishes are 3 free, and are priced according to production time and supplies. Full size bottle range from $8 to $12. Find them on Etsy, and like the brand on Facebook

*This product was provided to me for an honest review.

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