Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Had Enough Gray Yet?

I should have called this blog 50 shades of gray . . . I haven't read the books (and I really have no desire to), but I'm pretty sure I could gather 50 gray polishes to rave about :) This is my 30th post, and my 5th gray. 12.5% of my posts. I make no apologies! This time, it's Crotch Rocket from Wonder Beauty products- another one I've been wanting from the first time I laid eyes on it! Stupid budget :(

Crotch Rocket's Etsy listing describes it as "An opaque medium gray cream base with flashes of yellow, blue, green, purple and orange glitter effects." 

Definitely a lovely asphalt gray, with micro yellow matte glitters, small purple and green metallic glitters, and medium blue and orange metallic glitters.

This color went on incredibly smoothly, but it took 4 coats to get the gray completely opaque. Layering over a gray polish would work, but I prefer the multiple layers- the glitter sinks in and is buried by the next coat, creating an amazing depth that would be missing if you only used one coat. 

The micro yellow matte glitters really gave this polish an extra zing, but my camera didn't seem to want to see them. And the orange glitters were so different from the surrounding colors that they kept catching the light, drawing my eye to my nails- in a completely good way! This polish is definitely going on my list of favorites, to be worn again and again until I cry because my bottle is empty.

Wonder Beauty products can be found on Etsy. Full size bottles are $10, and palettes (polish in a nifty little pot, complete with a bottle of topcoat/application brush- I've got a review of one of these coming up) are $12. They also sell color and suspension base, as well as empty bottles for anyone interested in mixing up some polish of their own! I have used their suspension base in the past with no problems. 

You can also like Wonder Beauty Products on Facebook.

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