Monday, July 23, 2012

Legend of the Pheonix Pt II

Not too long ago, I showed you my first part of the Feenix Polish series, Legend of the Pheonix, Embers.  Today, I've got part two, Ashes. Suzette from Feenix Polish says Ashes was "designed to look like the ashes after the fire. It met my expectations exactly! The base is a shimmery dark gray. Mixed throughout are black and gray glitters in assorted sizes. It looks very much like ashes on your fingertips. Shiny, sparkly ashes. . . but ashes in any event." And it really, really does!

I don't know if I've said it yet, or if I can say it enough, but I love grey polishes! Love love love them, absolutely. Given any two choices, I will probably pick the grey one.

This polish, like Embers, was surprisingly opaque. This shows Ashes on a nail wheel: 3 coats alone, one coat over Wet N Wild Metallica, and one coat of LA Colors BCC. Not a whole lot of difference between the colors, but one coat over a pewter colored base would make your bottle last longer.

Photo taken in direct sun. Full mani is three coats with no undies, topped with two coats of SV. This polish was not exceptionally gritty, but I felt that two coats of topcoat would be helpful, as I'm a pretty bad picker if things aren't completely smooth. 

Again, in direct sun. Application on this was pretty good. It's a bit thick, but not as thick as Embers was. Suzette has said that she's thinning out some of her glitter packed polishes, but my bottle of Ashes wasn't problematic. I don't know if it's one of the "fixed" versions, or if this one just wasn't as thick to begin with, but it really was easy to work with.

I absolutely love this charcoal-y color, and it is the one that drew me to buy from Feenix Polish in the first place! I really hope to complete my Legend of the Phoenix collection- these colors are gorgeous! Ashes, and  other Feenix Polishes, can be purchased on Etsy. Full size bottles are $8. Be sure to like Feenix on Facebook and follow along on Blogspot: support your indies, so they keep 'em coming!

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