Saturday, July 7, 2012

Dr. Who Polish!!

"Well, listen. Gotta dash. Things. Happening. WELL, four things. WELL, four things and a lizard." One of my absolute favorite Dr. Who lines ever! Have you ever fallen in love with a polish based solely on the name? To the point where you don't even care what color it is or whether you have 6 dupes or whatever? Meet Lyn B Designs Four Things and a Lizard.

Jenna from Lyn B describes this color as:  
A shimmery lime green color with medium black and green hexagons, and large gold squares., I love this colors, it's a beautiful spring green." Pretty spot on. It's a gorgeous grassy green with almost iridescent shimmer.

 In the shade

Full sun

Bottom of bottle

Luckily, I love this color for more than just the name. I'm a sucker for greens, and this is a great summery green. I love indies that actually have color to them, as opposed to the glitter in a clear base that everyone offers. 

That said, I did have a few (manageable) application issues with this. It is a full coverage color. I used two coats, with one coat of SV. Any more than two coats and the glitter would start to get buried. I would either stick to two coats, or use it on top of something else (Sinful Colors Happy Ending would be a great option). Glitter issues, there were two. First, I had trouble getting any glitter on my first pass. But a few minutes upside down fixed that problem. There was also some curling of the square glitters (which is acknowledged in the Esty item listing), but it wasn't too bad. Out of all the squares (and I had at least one on each finger), I only had a problem with one: the index finger on my left hand. There were two squares on that one, and I needed three coats of SV to smooth it down. I guess I got all the other squares on with the curl side down. 

In summary: I love this color, both for the name and the actual colors. There were some issues with application, but it was nothing that would prevent me from wearing it again, or from buying from this shop again. Lyn B Designs can be found on Etsy, and you can like them on Facebook. Polishes are $10 a piece, and right now she is having a moving sale: buy 2 get one free! There is a 16 piece Dr. Who Collection, a tea based collection, and many more. She is also beginning to offer other beauty products such as lip balms and fragrances, plus various other sundries. 

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