Sunday, July 8, 2012

Yummy Honey

I like to dig through the "Sold Orders" section on all of my favorite Etsy polish shops, as not every color is always in stock. When I came across Utopia's Polish Grade A Honey, I had to have it! I sent a convo to Virginia, and she was amazing: told me she was waiting on an order, but would whip it up as soon as it came in. And she did! It was only a few day delay- I probably wouldn't have noticed the delay at all if she hadn't told me ahead of time. So many indie sellers get so backed up that there is a one to two week wait time on polishes anyway, and I received this probably a week after I asked for it.

Behold the gorgeous! The listing is described as: "This polish has a clear base with lots of neon colors, orange, yellow, pink hex, micro glitter." The base is actually very slightly yellowish, as you'll see in the mani photos. There are yellow, light pink and reddish orange matte medium hexes plus pale yellow micro hexes and some random larger hexes. I noticed while looking for this listing to quote, that there is a very similar Utopia Polish called Honey Bee that has pink and white heart "wings" in it! I think I'ma have to get that one too :)

Check out the cute label! It's a bit hard to read properly in a photo, but that is twining purple and blue plant shoots spelling out 'Utopia", with a pretty little fairy sitting in the U. I love fancy labels on indies. (I'm trying to get some of my own, but for now I have boring clear labels with nothing but my name on it.)

I started out with some nail wheel swatches, but I ended up using all of the colors I swatched, so I won't show them. I did an almost Skittles mani using two coats of Wet N Wild The Wonder Yellows (pinky), Wet N Wild 9021Orange (index and ring finger) and Sinful Colors Dream on (middle), topped with two coats of Grade A Honey and one coat of SV. Yes, I used these colors in another mani recently, but they're so deliciously summer, and they work so well together! I love how each color picks up the different color glitters, but none of the base colors were so close that any of the glitters disappeared. 

I was still enamored of this color when the time came to take it off, so I put it on by itself. This is three coats over nothing, topped with a coat of Seche Vite. I have no idea what happened to my middle finger, or why there is no glitter on the tip. I'm quite perplexed about it, as I certainly didn't notice it while I was wearing it. 

This glitter went on very smoothly and covered evenly (with the exception of that middle finger- maybe I bumped it or something?), but I don't think it would ever become opaque. At least not in a wearable number of coats. You can see that the base is very, very slightly yellow. There were some larger hexes that wanted to stack themselves on top of each other, but minimal manipulation fixed that. The larger glitters are also pretty transparent, so they didn't show up too well on the darker base colors, but they really looked great when the polish was worn alone.

Utopia's Polish can be found on Etsy, where full size bottle are $9, and minis are $4.50. They are also available to like on Facebook.

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  1. It looks like the neon yellow glitters bled, I remember them being really neon in the shop picture.