Saturday, October 13, 2012

Which One?!: Historically Inaccurate by Starry Earth

I don't quite understand the name of this polish, but it is absolutely perfect for the use I intend to put it toward! I've talked a few times about what I huge Halloween fan I am, and how my family throws a giant theme party every year! This years theme is History, or Periods in Time, and my best friend and I are going as a Steampunk Time Travel couple. This color will be featured as a part of my manicure for the night. Historically Inaccurate, indeed!

Elizabeth from Starry Earth describes Historically Inaccurate as "a coppery based polish with copper , dark brown and turquoise hex glitter. It reminds me of a shiny penny. It's part of the princess collection." I'm stumped, though. The Princess Collection is obviously Disney based, and there is a clear Belle (A Most Peculiar Mademoiselle), Ariel (Treasures Untold), Jasmine (Sultan's Daughter) and Cinderella (Clock Strikes Twelve), plus a good half-dozen other easily identifiable characters. But I have no idea which Princess this one represents! 

My original thought was Jasmine (the colors sort of reminded me of her), until I saw Sultan's Daughter, which is far more obvious. Someone on Facebook suggested Pocahontas, which is possible, but there wasn't a confirmation for that, so I'm just going to have to keep wondering!

Three coats of Historically Inaccurate, topped with a coat of Gelous and a coat of Seche Vite. All photos taken in full sunlight.

That is not tipwear, the polish base is rather sheer, and the sun was shining on it just right. If you're strongly against VNL, I would recommend layering Historically Inaccurate over a similar color. Honestly though, the sheerness was not apparent in person with my three coats. Application was fine: there was a slight tendency for some of the glitters to clump together, requiring some placement manipulation. If you're using undies, you could dab this on to avoid that. Otherwise, I had no issues. The glitter was plentiful, and the base is certainly colored enough to wear on it's own. Maybe if I waited longer between coats, there would have been fewer clumping issues, but I just don't have that kind of patience :) 

Have you checked out Starry Earth yet? I need the entire Princess collection, even if I don't know which polish is based on which Princess :) Check out Starry Earth polishes on Etsy. Full sized bottles are available for $8. Stop by Facebook and Like Starry Earth as well: maybe there will finally be an answer as to which Princess this is! Also, there are occasional coupon codes, plus shop announcements and other fun things. 

Support your indies, ladies!


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  2. I think it's supposed to be Pocahontas. The story told in the movie was historically inaccurate

  3. Yes! Pocahontas! The Disney version is very very historically inaccurate. She did save John Smith's life, but married another man and lived in England for a long period of time before she died. But still; and inspirational female in history. As a history teacher; I approve. :) And I also love the polish. This is the next one of my un-trieds to test out!