Wednesday, October 24, 2012

8 Spooky Nights: Candy

Yesterday's Vampire prompt is probably my favorite nail art I've ever done!

Contrast that with today's prompt, Candy, which is probably my least favorite. I couldn't really get inspired, and while I think my mani definitely fits the theme, I don't think my colors go well together. 

I have so many layers on Candy going on here, it's not even funny! I started off with a base of Wonder Beauty Products' Lollipop Explosion, white based glitter that is SCENTED like hard candy. Then I wanted to dot some M&Ms on top of that, but I couldn't find polishes that I liked for all the M&M colors, plus I was daunted by the prospect of drawing on all those M's! So I decided to just do Reese's Pieces. I used the largest dotting tool in my set, along with NYC Midtown Mink, Wet & Wild Sunny Side Up and NYC Lexington Yellow. I think this would have looked better if I went with the primary colors of M&M's, even if I didn't use every color in the bag!

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  1. They kind of look like reeses pieces!!! They are CUTE!

  2. That was the plan! I'm glad you picked up on that :)

  3. I like them!! I has thought about MnMs too, the M's were also my downfall!

  4. I like it, it is a nice variation on the m&m mani. :o)

  5. It's cute, I love how you made the Reese's Pieces mini! Plus, they're just an awesome candy!