Monday, October 8, 2012

THIS IS HALLOWEEN Challenge: Ghosts!

October 8th means it's time to show of my ghostie nail art!

I wasn't super excited about this particular challenge prompt, because I don't have stamps or anything easy to do for ghosts, so I knew I would end up having to do something freehand :( I'm pretty pleased with what I ended up with though!

Polishes used:
NYC Battery Park Purple
Maybelline Color Show Porcelain Party
Once Upon a Polish Scuttle
Sinful Colors Black on Black
Rimmel Night Before
Sinful Colors Amethyst
Sinful Colors neon yellow striper (can't find a name)

I started with a base of Battery Park Purple on all fingers. For the thumb, I freehanded on a the moon with Porcelain Party, then covered it with Scuttle to create the cratered look. Then I used a fan brush to wisp on some more porcelain party to create the "clouds". 

Index finger: I stamped on the eyes (which I'm pretty sure are supposed to be a pirate) with Black on Black and QA Plate 5, then used dotting tools to add the white and black on top of the eyes. 
Ring: Freehanded ghost with porcelain party, dotting tools to add the eyes with Black on Black. My black wasn't dry when I added my topcoat, so I got some dragging on one of the eyes, but I think it looks really neat!
Ring: Over my base of Battery Park Purple, I sponged on a random mish-mash of BPP, Night Before and Sinful Colors Amethyst. Then I stamped on the Haunted House using QA plate 26 and Black on Black. I dotted the Sinful Colors striper in the windows to look like lights streaming out. I wish I had used lighter purples on the base so the house stood out more.
Pinky: On this one, I just used dotting tools, along with Black on Black and Porcelain Party to dot on the eyes. 

So what do you think? I wanted to go with "spooky eyes", rather than freehanding ghosts on every finger, and I really enjoyed the end result. I even got a few compliments on this at work! ::proud face::

Check out all the other lovely and talented ladies participating in the challenge below!

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  1. I totally agree with the choice of eyes! They look great! :)

    (Also, just FYI, you have text capture on your commenting.)