Tuesday, October 30, 2012

8 Spooky Nights Twofer: Spiders & Graveyards

I didn't manage to get either of my challenge manis up yesterday, so today you'll get spiders AND graveyards in one post! Plus a second post with the manis for my other challenge.

I'm not particularly proud of my spider manis. Yes, plural. I really didn't like the first one, so I did another, and I'm still not thrilled with it. But, that could just be because it's a spider. I HATE spiders. I think bats are cute, snakes are badass and I had pet rats and mice as a kid! But anything with more than 4 legs: count me out. 

So my first spider fail: I used an alternating base of Sinful Colors Heavy Metal and Last Chance (both of which I picked up last week at Walgreen's .99c sale!), then freehanded some spider webs onto them in the opposite color. I then dabbed my topcoat brush in just a touch of white. 

I'll call this one my actual submission. I used Last Chance as my base again, then freehanded the spider body/head blob onto my middle and ring fingers, and the legs onto my index and pinkie. I used a large dotting tool and Heavy Metal to draw on the eyes, Maybelline Color Show Porcelain Party for the fangs, and Free Hippie Volcano Burst for the blood drips. 

And here's my graveyard! I'm really happy with the way this one turned out, even though I cheated a bit (shh!). I started with a base of my own White Rabbit polish, then used a Sharpie to draw on my headstones and tree and such. It was so much easier to draw on tiny details than to paint them! I don't think I'll make a habit of it, but it sure was an easier time for me!

And there you have my penultimate designs! Be sure to check out all the lovely other challengers, and come back for the finale tomorrow- Only Black & Orange!

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  1. I love the second spider design! The eyes are kind of creepy to me!

    And the graveyard is good, I love that background color!

  2. I like your first spider attempt - it almost looks like a water marble!

  3. @Jenny: it does! I noticed that as I was editing the pictures! And @Alicia and Megan, thanks so much! That base is White Rabbit from my own polish line- one of the first colors I released, and still my favorite :)