Monday, October 1, 2012

Fly Like a G6: Featuring KelBel Cosmetics

I had the absolute worst time trying to photograph this polish! I wore it for almost three days straight, and every time I went outside, the sun would go away! I finally managed to get in a few good shots in a Burger King parking lot, of all places, because it was the first time the sun actually showed off any of the beauty this polish truly has to offer!

Meet Like a G6 by KelBel Cosmetics. Kelly describes this polish as a "silver black base with scattered holo glitter throughout. It's a sleek, classy color that looks even better in direct sunlight." And I did like the color in the shade/overcast- almost a super dark gunmetal with the muted silver sparkle that holos give without sunlight. But I can't show you a polish and only show its boring side! If there is holo-ness to be had, damnit, you need to see the holo-ness!

There it is! A little bit anyway :) If anyone saw me just stop dead in a parking lot and start taking pictures of my nails, then I'm officially crazy in this town. This is three coats of Like a G6 alone, topped with a coat of Out the Door. Taken in the best sunshine I managed to find. 

Blurred to show some extra sparkle.

Such a fun, rockstar polish! Just like Hep Alien, Like a G6 went on super smoothly. Sheer in the first coat, but built up beautifully. And not at all dulled by a topcoat. This one really needed the three coats to be as dark and opaque as it is. If you're not a fan of three coats, this could be layered over a black. 

KelBel Cosmetics are available for purchase on Etsy. All polishes, with the exception of the Limited Edition Super Grover, are available in both full size ($8.50) and minis ($4.50), and are 3- and cruelty free. Kelly has also generously offered my readers a  10% discount on her lovely polishes! Use Etsy coupon code NTP10 on checkout- valid through 2/15 :)

Support your indies, ladies!

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  1. Thank you again for the review! The polish is hard to capture, but I love it in real life.