Friday, October 25, 2013

China Glaze Halloween Polishes: Friday and Halloween Favorites!

Hey lovelies, more of my favorite Halloween polishes are up today! I'm not too impressed with China Glaze's Halloween offering, Monster's Ball, this year. Glitter topcoats are usually my favorite, and I HATE textured polish, so I passed on the whole thing. However, three of my favorite Halloween polishes, and indeed my favorite polishes in general, are from past China Glaze Halloween collections, so I'll be racapping those!

First up is Near Dark, from the 2011 Haunting Collection. I managed to grab this one in a clearance bin at Sally last year, luckily, as the Haunting collection came out before I started hoarding! Near Dark is a super-blackened mossy green jelly. I absolutely adore almost-black polishes, and this one is no exception. 

You can see the murky greenness, especially around the cuticles where my coats are uneven :/ Three coats shown.

Next up is Cast A Spell from the 2012 Wicked Collection. It's a black base packed with green and gold shimmer/microglitter. Two coats shown, but it's thisclose from being a one coater. 

Ooh, ahh . . . the shimmer! It almost looks like a color shifting shimmer, but there really are two different colors in there. 

I took a lot of photos of this one. I can't get enough of it!

Finally, we have Immortal, again from the Wicked Collection. This is one of my all time favorite polishes! Three coats shown.

Immortal is a medium grey creme base with pink and blue shimmer! 

I had a hell of a time getting the pink and blue to show through, but this polish is absolutely stunning! If you don't have this one, I absolutely recommend tracking it down!

All three polishes are currently still available on Amazon on the cheap (Near Dark is under $2), and I have an extra bottle of Cast A Spell available in my blog sale

What are your favorite Halloween polishes? Do you prefer Halloween specific ones, or ones that you can pull out all year? 

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