Monday, October 7, 2013

Crumpet's 33DC- Art With My Oldest Untried + A Review!

Today's post is a double dose of fun: polish with built in art! Now, a lot of polishes are gorgeous enough to be considered art on their own, but today's packs a bit of extra punch.

Meet Island Fantasy by Polish TBH. Creator Christian describes Island Fantasy as a "teal to bright yellow green thermal polish with a turquoise and gold glitter mix." All photos show three coats alone, topped with Out the Door. Photos taken under Ott Lite.

I chose this polish out of my untried box, which is thankfully rather small, because of its thermal properties. I can't say positively that it's my oldest, as there is a small bunch in there that's around the same age, but it's been in there since about April- long for me! I try not to let untrieds stay that way too long :) The above two photos show the polish in its "natural" state- what it just naturally looks like on my nails. Effortless gradient!

Here we see the polish after being dipped in cold water. 

There's a bit of extra gradient going on near my cuticles here- the polish warmed up a bit too quickly to get great allover "cold" photos! I also did some actual arty things with cold water- dots and watercolor-y brush strokes- but those warmed up too fast for me to even get a single photo.

And finally, we see the polish after being dipped in hot water. I'd call the color shift in this polish a lime to jungle teal- that darker green is pretty evenly split between a dusty jungle green and a sea blue-green. The aqua glitters sort of fade into the darker green, which is a cool effect. And the tiny gold shimmer really adds an extra pop to both colors. Most of the thermals I see are plain cremes or shimmers, so having one that's packed with pretty glitter is just a bonus! Plus application was amazing. The lime green "warm" color is pretty sheer to start out, but it builds up to full opacity in three coats, and it applies perfectly smooth. Island Fantasy and tons of other great Polish TBH colors can be purchased on Big Cartel and Etsy, and you can follow the brand on Facebook

Be sure to check out the rest of the dusty polish art in the InLinkz below :)

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