Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Crumpet's 33DC: Art With Your Favorite Brand

I wouldn't actually say I have a favorite brand, as I think every brand (most!) have things that they do well, and things that they do less well. Every brand I own has at least one color that completely hits it out of the park. But the brand with the largest showing in my stash is definitely Sinful Colors. I probably have around 50 in my approximately 300 strong stash, and they do cremes (my favorite finish) incredibly well. 

I started with a base of Over It (my newest acquisition, thanks to a .99c sale at Walgreens!) with an accent nail of Candy Coated. I've had Candy Coated since it came out last Spring, and haven't used it for anything other than nail art, and was surprised at how gorgeous it was! It has an amazing hidden shimmer (so does Over It) that I never knew was there, and it's just stunning! Anyway, I tore up a makeup sponge and used it to randomly sponge on White on White, Amethyst, and more Over It and Candy Coated. There is a touch of Exotic Green on my accent nail, but I wasn't really feeling it, so I covered it up as well as I could. 

I absolutely adore the finished look here, and wish I didn't have to take it off! I reminds me of marble :)

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