Sunday, October 20, 2013

Daring Digits Mage: Swatches and Review

Are you absolutely loving this fall weather?! I'm up (relatively) north in central Wisconsin, and it's only been the past two weeks or so that it has finally turned into fall. I still had my air conditioner turned on at the end of September! Just this past week, we dipped to freezing during the night, which may sound unpleasant, but I love the cool crisp mornings and evenings. It also means that the daytime high typically hovers in the 40's and 50's which, to me, is perfect fall weather. Perfect for my favorite sweater, perfect for yummy soup in the crockpot, perfect for snuggling with kitty on the couch, and perfect for Halloween!

In the spirit of all things Halloween related, I have another Daring Digits polish to show you today. Just like Warlock, which I showed you on Wednesday, Mage is actually from and old World of Warcraft collection, but the "magic" connotations, not to mention the color, make is a great fit for Halloween as well! 

Mage is a very sheer dark red jelly with a purple-y shimmer, iridescent hexes and squares and purple and holo hexes. It is the darker, more brooding sister to Warlock. Photos show three coats alone, topped with Out the Door. All photos are taken under Ott Lite. 

As I stated in the Warlock review, I am not at all bothered by visible nail line, and in some cases I enjoy the look. I like sheer polishes, especially in the spring and fall for some reason, so I will wear Mage as is and love it. For those of you who need a more opaque look, layering is the way to go.

Here, I've layered two coats of Mage over Sinful Colors Runy Ruby. I wanted to bring out the red tones, but I think it looks too similar to Warlock, which I also layered over a bright red. Expect to see a revisit on this baby: I'd like to see her over a purple, and I think that shimmer would really pop over a black!

That pinky-purple shimmer does show up really nicely over the red though! Mage, just like Warlock, is a "super jelly" and requires a bit of patience to apply. Not that it's difficult but, as jellies tend to do, it does drag a bit when you don't let each coat dry before applying another. Also, like Warlock, it has a strong, almost acrylic-y smell. Neither of those things will prevent me from wearing this polish, however, as it's a stunner, and I think it will look fabulous over a variety of colors. Of the two, I definitely prefer this one. That purple shimmer adds that extra touch that puts it over the top!

Mage was a part of a World of Warcraft collection released last year, and is no longer available through the Daring Digits store (which you should still check out, as I have never been disappointed in a Daring Digits polish). It is, however, still available through Mei Mei's Signatures

*Polish was won through a giveaway. All opinions expressed are my own. 

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