Saturday, October 19, 2013

Weekend Pinspiration: Kitchen Storage

I'm starting a new series this weekend, based on my rediculous obsession with Pinterest! The series is called Weekend Pinspiration, and is- obviously- various Pinterest projects that have inspired my to do things, either around the house, in the kitchen, or even nails and beauty (after all, that IS the point of this blog!)

I'm starting off with a kitchen project. I don't have a specific pin to relate to this one, as it was a more general inspiration, but here goes. My kitchen is rediculously tiny. Actually it's not, but there is pretty much zero storage space. The counter and cabinets you see above are it. There is also a tiny cabinet over the sink just out of view, but there really isn't any place to store anything. The two wall cabinets over the coffee pot, plus the bottom right, are for food. Cleaning supplies/etc under the sink, dishes in the remaining bottom cabinet. Silverware goes in the two drawers.

I scored this little sliding table at a New and Used shop in town. It's actually a wet bar, but it perfectly holds my microwave and various cooking utensils. 

A table my cousin made in high school shop- my "cooling rack".

There is also a built in closet, with limited shelf space, for large and less often used appliances. It may seem like a fair amount of storage space overall, but there is so much stuff that there just isn't room for! I was keeping my pots and pans next to the stove in milk crates!

Enter: the Shelf! I'm so incredibly proud of this thing, and it's way handy! The weekend I moved into my apartment, the next door neighbors were moving out. They put their kid's old, beat up, formerly white, now nicotine stained dresser on the curb, and I snatched it up in a heartbeat! As I was pulling it toward my stairs, the neighbor called after me "There's no drawers for that!" I don't need no STINKING drawers! 

I sanded the heck out of it, and went to town with some black and red paint. My father helped me pull out the drawer runners and build in some plywood shelves, and a free old dresser becomes a fabulous new storage rack! 

A closeup look- I'm so thrilled with the paint job :)

What inspires you on Pinterest? Have you redone any old furniture to fit your needs? Let me know in the comments! 

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