Sunday, October 20, 2013

Enkelini Lainey Lou: Clearing Out the Vault

Toay the vault brings us into the not-so-distant past. The state of my nails tells me this happened during on the the moves this past spring. My memory confirms, as I only purchased this polish as the shop was closing!

Today's polish is Lainey Lou, by Enkelini. Enkelini, sadly, is currently on "extended vacation" and may or may not return at some date in the future. A few select Enkelini polishes (but NOT Lainey Lou :() are currently still available through Color4Nails if you wish to browse through them.

Photos show three coats of Lainey Lou topped with Out the Door. All photos are taken outdoors in direct and indirect sunlight. The above two, obvs, are direct :)

Next two photos show Lainey Lou in the shade. She is a bright, summery orange liner holo that does not get boring or dusty in the shade! 

The holo bits turn into an interesting, almost silvery shimmer when in the shade, which is nice. It makes the polish more versatile, as it's just as pretty indoor as out. 

Finally, I got one really good burst of strong sunshine! These last two photos show Lainey Lou at her full potential. Very strong and striking linear!

Lainey Lou applied brilliantly. A bit sheer, but builds to full coverage in three coats. Topcoat did not dull the holo, and I wore this for several days with no chipping and minimal tip wear. 

Again, sadly, Enkelini polishes are not generally available at present. Color4Nails has a few shades available, though none are the linear holos that Enkelini did so well. If you're interested in this particular shade, my at least 3/4 full mini bottle is available through my blog sale.

*Polish purchased by me. All opinions expressed are my own.

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