Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Crumpet's 33DC- 3D

3D is, sadly, very similar to Texture in my book, in that it's something I can't actually wear on my nails. Not, in this case, because I hate it. Small bits like these I could probably wear once in a while. But I'm a picker. And you'd better believe any 3D nail art would be long gone before lunch rolled around!

I started off my mani today with a base of Pure Ice Party Hard, a super dark navy. Then I topcoated them, one at a time, and plopped some gems on while the topcoat was still wet. I have no idea what the gems are, or where they came from other then my nail art drawer. Sorry!

Be sure to check out some more 3D manis in the Inlinkz below!

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