Thursday, September 5, 2013

#31DC2013 Blue

Ugh, I was NOT looking forward to today's prompt! Everyone else got to complain about yellow and orange, which are make-me-happy colors, regardless of how well they go with my skintone (they don't!). But blue? I really hate the color blue. I don't know why, but I always have, and it's now a part of my mandatory work wardrobe, which only intensifies that hate. BUT! I found an amazing one to use today, and it will get a full work-up review one of these days! Honestly, probably not until the end of this challenge though. 

A few weeks ago, I won a prize package from the wonderful Kelly over at Set in Lacquer. My prize was two blue polishes: Taurus and Ocean Jewel by Brazilian indie Penelope Luz. Oh. My. GOD. Can I just say how incredibly gorgeous Taurus is!? Is just green-leaning enough that I like it (hell, I LOVE it!), but still blue enough that I could get away with using it for today's challenge!

For this mani, I used 3 coats of Taurus as my main color, and it's such an artwork all on its own that I couldn't bear to cover it up! For my accent nail, I randomly sponged on bits of pretty much every other blue polish I own (Wet N Wild Teal Slowly and See, Nina Ultra Pro Blue Blaze, Sally Hansen Insta Dri Mint Sprint, and Sinful Colors Gorgeous). I then layered a single coat of Ocean Jewel, which is pretty much a glitter-twin to Taurus, without the tinted base. I think the overall effect looks rather gemstone-y! Another one I wanted to leave on until it chipped all to hell, but alas! I must make purple now . . .

As always, check out all the lovely blue manis below, and be on the lookout for hashtag #31DC2013 on your favorite social media!

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  1. I feel your sentiments with blue! Love what you created with all the layering!