Sunday, September 22, 2013

#31DC2013 Inspired by a Song

I've seen what you have made
In all it's beauty
What I cannot create I recognize
Let's watch the night explode
Just hold onto me 
I'll whisper you this truth

Wait for a heart that never lies
But not this time
Watch those explosions in the sky
And you'll go blind
Not this time

Will you live in hope
Or dark desire
What can I say
Fuck love, gimme fire

Have you seen what I've made
Beneath the wreckage
Just suffer through the dust
And there you'll find
The color of a night
That burns out from us
Surrounded by it's glow
Our city lies

Wait for a love that never dies
And you've lost life
One overdose just to survive
We'll shine this time
Make headlines

Will you live in hope
Or dark desire
What can I say
Fuck love, gimme fire

I really, really hope that at least one of you knew that song immediately! It's one of my all time favorites, by a band I absolutely love! I'll embed it after the pics and explanation. The band is Blacq Audio, and the song is Cities of Night, from the debut CexCells album. If you're not familiar with Blaqk Audio, you're probably familiar with their "parent" band, AFI. Lead singer Davey Havok and guitarist Jade Puget got together to create a synth/electronic side project, and Blaqk Audio was born. Now, I've been an avid AFI fan for awhile (since about The Art of Drowning), and of course I'd support artists that I feel passionate about either way, but I think my adoration for Blaqk Audio has surpassed that of my love for AFI. So I HIGHLY recommend you check them out. Listen to the song below, then start clicking through to whatever other songs pop up! 

Now that the shameless plug is through, we can get down to business :) I used acrylic paints for the very first time ever in this mani, as I wanted to be able to just wipe them off and start over without completely redoing my base coat. Luckily, the only nail I had to do twice was my thumb! My base color is Sinful Colors Black on Black. I created the fiery galaxies ("watch those explosions in the sky") on my index and pinky fingers using Revlon Spirit, Daring Digits Girl's Night Out, Sally Hansen Red Carpet, Wet N Wild 9021Orange, Sinful Colors Let's Meet, Sally Hansen Lightning and Wet N Wild Kaleidoscope. The "Fuck Love" and "Gimme Fire" on my middle and ring fingers were made using red, copper and gold metallic acrylic paints and a tiny paintbrush.

The Blaqk Audio logo on my thumb was freehanded with white acrylic paint.


         Please enjoy one of my absolute favorite songs, and then stop by and enjoy the other song inspired manis in the InLinkz below! You can also search for them on your favorite social media using hashtag #31DC2013.

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