Monday, September 9, 2013

#31DC2013 Rainbow

Ladies, I really, really thought today would be one of my favorite prompts. I love rainbow anything! But I just could not get inspired today to save my life, so after three attempts, I just took the best of the blah and ran with it!

This somewhat Pokeball-ish mani used a TON of polish: base coat of Revlon Top Speed Spirit, just to even things out. The dots are also Spirit. Then (I'll go finger by finger here) 
Index: Top- China Glaze Surreal Appeal, Bottom Physician's Formula California Girl Trio Light Orange, Middle Stripe- Kiss Nail Art Striper Bikini Pink
Middle: Top- PFCGT Light Orange, Bottom- Sally Hansen Insta Dri Lightning, Stripe- Sinful Colors Nail Art Striper Me First
Ring: Top- Lightning, Bottom- China Glaze Def Defying, Stripe- Kiss Nail Art Striper Beach Green
Pinkie: Top- Nina Ultra Pro Blue Blaze, Bottom- Sinful Colors Amethyst, Stripe- Kiss Nail Art Striper Pearl Blue
I also topped the whole thing off with Love My Nails Dazzling, which is probably the most ancient nail polish I own! I'm pretty sure I've had it since high school (upwards of 10 years ago), and possibly since middle school! Do you still have any polishes lying around that are that old? 

Be sure to check out the rainbow manis in both the InLinkz codes below and by searching for hashtag #31DC2013 on your favorite social media!

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