Sunday, September 29, 2013

#31DC2013 Inspired by the Supernatural

The supernatural . . . with Halloween (and Halloween challenges!) right around the corner, I didn't want to go with ghosts or vampires or anything like that. They will be done soon enough! So I was browsing around, searching for inspiration for another mani- the Honor Nails You Love prompt (which I'm treating as a recreate)- when I stumbled upon the perfect idea- in four places no less! Thanks go to More Nail PolishA Liquid BlogFedora Harp, and ErinZi's Nails for the inspiration!

While all of my lovely collaborators did this mani as butterfly wings, I took a slightly different spin- mine are fairy wings! See how shimmery, sparkly and magical they are? :) I've always wanted to do a butterfly wing mani, but I don't have a stamp with that design, so I kept putting it off. After seeing so many lovelies show up in the challenge, and after gaining confidence through the challenge, I decided to give it a go freehand. 

My bases are Orly Fowl Play (index and pinkie), Orly Ingenue (middle) and Hard Candy Beetle (ring). The designs were made with a tiny paintbrush and black and white cream polishes. 

See the magical duochrome-ness? Ingenue is especially stunning with it's pink-purple-copper shift, and I'm not really sure why I don't use it more! 

Check out the rest of the supernatural inspired manis in the InLinkz below and by searching hashtag #31DC2013 on your favorite social media!

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