Sunday, September 15, 2013

#31DC2013 Delicate Print

Hello, gorgeous! Yes, you :) Today is delicate print, and it's a day I was pretty excited about, as I generally like fine, girly things. You also get two manis today, as- just like animal print day- the first attempt was just a fail. I was just going to roll with it, but I loved the concept so much that I tried it another way to see if it was better, and it totally was!

First up: the fail! This is a base of Wet N Wild Teal Slowly and See, topped with two coats of Revlon Whimsical. I bought Whimsical last year when it was taking everyone by storm, and ShopKo had a BOGO on Revlon products. I've never used it until now, and I have to say- I'm not too impressed! Even this fail post is my second attempt, as it took soooo many coats for Whimsical to become opaque that an hour an a half after painting it was still too wet to apply my decals!

The decals on these nails are a vinyl decal that I've reviewed before, and decided to use up some of the remaining strips, as they were just lovely and delicate and perfect! BUT having not used them in so long, I kind of forgot how labor intensive they are to apply, since they're so much thicker than polish decals or waterslides, and I just wasn't feeling the effort. You can clearly see the wrinkles and the sticky-up edges in the closeup. Totally user error.

As I said, I was in love with the concept behind the vinyl decals, so I tried to recreate is with stamps. Here my base is the same, plus an accent nail of China Glaze Immortal. I stamped using Revlon Spirit and a Red Angel plate for which- apologies- I did not write down the number!

I love this white on grey SOO much! I may recreate it for a wedding I'll be standing up in next weekend :)

Be sure to check out the rest of the delicate lovelies in the linkz below and by searching hashtag #31DC2013 on your favorite social media!

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