Wednesday, September 25, 2013

E=MC2 by Elemental Styles: Clearing Out the Vault

My hiatus was completely unplanned. At least, it was only supposed to be a week or two! I had tons of swatches and photos sitting on my computer, tons of half-drafted posts, and tons of completed posts that have just been . . . sitting. So I decided to start a new series (one among many!) that will show off those polishes that, sadly, just got buried among a glut of other posts. I'm soo sorry, lovely polishes! But now you get the spotlight you so rightly deserve :) Many of the pictures are, as I said, old, and unfortunately suffer from my still-improving photography skills. The lighting will vary as well. I use an Ott-Lite setup now, but have only been doing so for a few months, so you'll get lots of outdoor pictures, some odd backgrounds, and possibly even- gasp! yellow incandescent lighting with flash!!

Elemental Styes is a now-defunct indie brand polish that took all of its inspiration from the Periodic Table of Elements. How cool is that? Granted, this one is inspired by Einstein and NOT the Table, but I think it's a worthy exception. 

E=MC2 is a pale grey jelly base with various sizes of black and white glitters scattered throughout. If I recall correctly, creator Whitney wanted something reminiscent of Einstein's hair. Probably something to bring this photo to mind:

Gotta love a mad, creative genius that still has a sense of humor :)

It's no secret that I absolutely love grey polish, and E=MC2 was one of my great polishes crushes right when I first entered the Polish World. Sadly, Whitney stated she was closing shop shortly after I got into the PW, and most of her stock was gone by the time my wallet would allow me to buy, but I WAS able to snag the last bottle of this beauty that she had listed! Score for me!

Application on this puppy was great. It's pretty loaded with glitter, so definitely wait between coats to [revent dragging. The base is opaque enough to be worn alone (I'm showing it at three coats, topped with Seche Vite), but can be layered over a similar color to conserve polish. You sacrifice some depth that way, but hey- this is a discontinue polish, we all do as we must!

All photos were taken outdoors in natural sunlight. 

*This polish was purchased with my own money, and all opinions are my own. 

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